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Churchill Home Insurance currently offers customers 50% off home insurance if you haven’t claimed in the last 5 years.
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Up to £1,000,000 buildings cover and £50,000 contents cover as standard.
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Home Insurance is often referred to as hazard or homeowners insurance and is a type of property insurance that primarily covers privately owned homes. Home insurance policies can include personal insurance protections but is more commonly used to cover any losses within the household, in particular, its contents as well as covering liability insurance for any accidents that may occur to the home. There is very little things in live that are as important as out home and today it is very important to have home insurance to cover, especially as one in three homes get burgled at some point. Moreover, home insurance can be beneficial to homeowners, renters as well as landlords. As with all insurances there are different policies which can be tailored to best suit your needs.

There are two main types of private home insurance that is the most beneficial, building insurance and contents insurance. Building insurance will insure not only your home but the land as well. While the land underneath your home is not under threat from storms or theft, often the land is the third of the total value of your property; therefore, it is important to insure both your house and the land on which it stands on. Building your house can often cost less than buying another, as the land is often intact and unharmed. Insurance companies often cover the cost of rebuilding your home not the market value of your home.

The other home insurance available is contents insurance. This insurance policy will cover the furniture, appliances and any other possessions you own that are in your home. Often insurers require you to produce a checklist of the contents within your home and define these contents into a ‘sum insured’. It is advised to not under insure your contents, while it may produce a cheaper insurance policy it will affect the maximum amount an insurer will pay out. For example, if your home contents amount to £20,000 but you insure you contents for £10,000, that will be the maximum amount your insurer will pay out and this will not cover all of your contents.

However, if you feel that you need both insurance covers, most insurance companies combine both insurance policies and even offer discounts if you take out both policies.

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