Though it might not seem like it at first glance, the warranty that comes with any household appliance is a form of insurance. It makes sure that should there be a fault with the item during a set amount of time they’ll fix it or replace it free of charge with no extra costs for parts or labour. This can range from as little as 1 year for things like toasters or ipods, to 10 years for big items like fridges.

Your household item warranty covers you up to £2000 and if the item can’t be fixed you’ll be offered either a brand new replacement, or a replacement of the same value but which works, depending on what your warranty specifies. Many places will simply replace the item, no questions asked, in places like Currys or Comet for basic household items like microwaves, whereas larger appliances will be looked over and it will be decided whether or not they will be repaired and fixed, or just replaced.

For a little bit extra you can usually get an extended warranty for your appliance which means that the warranty you already have is extended by a set amount. The repairs and replacements are still free in this time and there are still no extra costs, but do have to pay for the extension- though this is usually very cheap and very worth having.

Now, you can even get multi appliance warranties that cover up to eight items on one policy, and prices start from just £8 for three items- which is excellent value compared to the warranties you can buy over the counter when you purchase your item.

When purchasing any appliance make sure it has an appliance warranty or maybe if multiple items appliance warranties to protect you if they break down.

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