When you buy home insurance, you’ll be offered a range of extra add-ons, all at a slight additional cost, which can make your cover even more comprehensive. Whilst some of them may seem to make obvious sense, others are less obvious as to their need, so we’ve put together a list of add-ons, and why you may, or may not need them.

Accidental Damage Cover

Accidental damage cover offers you pretty obvious cover, making sure you are insured if you accidentally damage the contents or structure of your home. Covers things like throwing the Wii remote at the television, or spilling red wine on your white carpet, but often doesn’t cover damage caused by pet’s, so be sure to read the terms and conditions of the cover before buying. It’s also worth noting that some policies cover accidental damage of your home entertainment system as standard, so if that’s your thinking behind taking out the cover it may be an unnecessary cost.

Legal Cover

The legal cover is again included with some policies, but not with others and will give you protection against legal fees run up battling neighbours over boundary disputes, if a part of your home falls on a passerby or any other home related legal fees. It can be useful, but if you’ve lived peacefully with neighbours for years and your home poses no risk to strangers you may question the need for it.

Boiler Cover

Boiler Cover provides customers with additional cover for their boiler, something rarely covered by a standard home insurance policy. The cover will basically pay for any repairs or replacement of your boiler and heating system if it breaks down, and is great cover when you consider the cost of replacing and repairing boilers. It’s worth noting that you can buy boiler cover direct from many gas providers so compare prices.

Multiple Births Cover

IF you are thinking about having a baby, and have a history of twins in your family then multiple births cover is a great way of getting a lump sum payment if you do end up with twins. If you’re not trying for a baby, or have no history of twins in your family the argument to take out this cover is far weaker.

Appliances Warranty

Very simply extends the warranty of all your appliances for the duration of the cover, and is ideal if most, or all of your appliances are out of warranty.

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