Whilst insuring your home and your contents is undoubtedly a wise move, many can be put off by the potential costs of it. Some insurance companies may charge you a lot, and others might be cheap, but not offer the kind of cover you want. This is where it becomes cheaper to insure your contents and building on one policy together- this often works out much cheaper and means that everything associated with your house is covered all in one simple policy. This makes it easier to follow and track, and means you only have to go to one insurance company.

Like with the separate policies, your home and valuables are protected against, fire, flood, storm and any other kind of damage, and also against theft, vandalism or breakage caused by a third party. Just because they’re combined doesn’t mean anything is left out of the policy. However, as with the solo policies, you will probably need to take out separate insurance for items over a certain value to cover them separately.

No claims bonuses are a common feature of most policies these days, so only claim if you think you really need to, and you could end up saving a lot of money on your cover. Also, adding things like security lights and alarms to your property and marking any possessions with UV markers (which you can usually request free from the police or for a small fee) or trackers can reduce your premium as it lowers your risk of theft. Many insurers will now ask if you smoke because most house fires and fire damage to possessions is caused by people being careless with cigarettes and lighters. If you are a smoker, make sure you assure them that you’re safe and only smoke outside, or in a safe place.

When applying for cover you’ll be asked to value your possessions and supply the date and type of your house, as with any contents or buildings cover. It’s also worth shopping around and using comparison websites to get the best sort of deal.

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