When you look at exactly what you get when you buy home insurance, you’ll notice that the policy is broken down into contents insurance and buildings insurance. Generally speaking the buildings insurance covers the building, whilst the contents insurance covers the contents of the home, and this is pretty much true, but it’s worth noting the other things covered by a buildings insurance policy.

Buildings insurance offers much more than just protection of the structure of your home, and it’s important to know that when you are working out how buildings insurance will cover you.

As well as offering protection for the bricks and wood in your home, it also covers any built in structures within the home. This includes any built in wardrobes you may have, your bathroom suite, like the bath, toilet, shower and sink, as well as any plumbing pipes and the boiler itself.

You’ll also find that it includes the kitchen worktops and cabinets, often worth thousands of pounds, as well as the cupboard doors. It won’t include the appliances, which are covered by your contents insurance.

Even outside your home your buildings insurance continues to provide you cover, also insuring the outbuildings around your home. If you have a detached garage, that’s covered, as is your shed or greenhouse if you have one.

One of the most unknown facts about buildings insurance is that it covers the walls and fences around your home, as well as any gates or doors leading into the garden or into your property. If they are destroyed by fire, vandalism, storms or water damage then you can claim in the same way you would if the structure of your home was damaged by those things, and many people opt to mend their own fences after heavy winds, when in fact they could claim on their buildings insurance.

Buildings insurance is vital to looking after your home, but will also look after you as well. If your home is burnt down and you can’t live there any more then your buildings insurance will also pay for a hotel, or a rented home for you until the home is rebuilt and ready to move back into.

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