There are so many different forms of insurance we have to think about that sometimes it can be tempting to wonder why we bother. Car insurance is a legal requirement, and life insurance is vital to protecting our families if the worst happens, whilst home insurance is essential for looking after ourselves financially whilst we’re still alive, but often you may ask why you need it.

Contents insurance is the smaller but most common part of home insurance and provides customers with protection for the contents of their home. It’s the part of home insurance which is needed by almost everyone, with those who own their own home, those who rent and even most landlords requiring some element of contents insurance.

If you bear in mind the fact it covers everything in your home, including the carpets, wallpaper, curtains, lampshades, all your electrical equipment, everything in your kitchen including pots, pans, food, and appliances, as well as all your clothes, shoes, furniture and near enough everything else you own that you keep inside.

If you consider the combined cost of all of those things, and then ask yourself where you’d get the money from to replace them if they were lost or damaged as a result of a fire, flood, or a burst pipe upstairs that ruined everything downstairs you’ll quickly understand why you have contents insurance.

With most standard family houses having over £50,000 worth of belongings inside them, it’s vital to make sure you are covered. Without contents insurance you’d be faced with the prospect of having to start again, and hundreds of people have, starting sleeping on a mattress on the floor and spending years and years having to buy from charity shops and using free recycling websites to build up to anywhere near the level of furniture they had before.

Contents insurance provides you and your family with peace of mind that if the worst happens you’ll be covered, so when you ask yourself what you’re getting for the money that leaves your account every month, peace of mind is the answer.

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