According to a report by a money programme broadcast on BBC Radio 4 this week, over 1.5 million homeowners do not have house insurance, because they’ve decided they don’t need or can’t afford it.

One of those homeowners was called Violet and she was on the radio show giving listeners a taste of her experience of not having home insurance, after a fire burnt down her home.

Living in a semi detached cottage, Violet had a shared thatched roof with her next door neighbour, and a fire started in the chimney of her next door neighbours home led to both houses burning to the ground.

The fire was not Violet’s fault, but that fact hasn’t helped her at all in the period since.

She explained on the show, “It quickly spread to my side. The wind was blowing my way, we had about 10 fire engines here but I lost just about everything.”

Violet had stopped paying her home insurance a year and a half before because she felt it was an unneeded expense, something she regretted. “Being on a low income, I had to let the contents and house insurance go, but in retrospect I wish I had been insured because now I can’t claim on anything.”

Her neighbour had home insurance and his home is being rebuilt. Violet had to rely on the neighbours to club together to buy her a mobile home which she now lives in at the bottom of her garden. Her home is still in ruins.

According to the FSA figures published in 2006 10% of homeowners still don’t have home insurance and the recent credit crunch and lack of disposable income will have increased that figure since.

With so much at stake can you afford not to have home insurance though? Don’t be like violet and make sure you are insured today.

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