Floods have become an increasing threat in recent years and as such, those who live in designated flood risk areas are under pressure to get extra flood risk cover on their homes to ensure they are well protected in the event of a flood. London, Portsmouth, Hull and Cardiff (plus others) are listed as at serious risk of flooding, whilst any coastal areas are at risk of tidal floods. This means that if you discover you live in a listed flood zone you need to get cover as soon as possible. This can sometimes prove difficult as in previous years insurance companies didn’t want to insure those in flood zones, but with numbers on the rise an increasing number of insurers offer extra flood protection.

Lots of companies who specialise in flood insurance will send a trained advisor to you to assess the area and help you find a policy that fits your individual needs because every home is difference and everyone is at a different level of risk from flooding.

At lot of insurers, however, will advise you to get some form of protection against flooding around your house such as some form of temporary flood barriers and taking precautions to ensure any valuables are stored in a dry space where there’s no danger of damage if a flood does take hold. You can also get information from builders about installing flood resistant flooring and wall materials that resist water as well as raising plugs and appliances above flood level for you. This may be costly, but in the long run it will help protect your home. You should also find out what sort of flood defences are in place in your area such as drains and floodplains that could help stop the floods reaching the town or causing major damage. If this is the case, insurers will look more kindly upon you as you’re at a lower risk from flood than someone who lives in an area without any form of defences.

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