Rather than insuring all your fuel needs individually and risking high costs by taking out separate insurance, many companies now offer a package deal that incorporates your gas, water and electric in case of emergency.

E-on, for example, will cover your central heating, water and electric for just £25 a month and have 24 hour service with unlimited callouts. Plus, all your labour costs and the cost of any replacement parts is all included in your £25 a month. This covers your fuse boxes, sockets, light fixtures and wiring, circuit breakers and repairs up to the value of £2000 on your electrics. For plumbing, you can have your hot and cold pipes maintained, any overflowing pipes or tanks fixed, fixing of burst pipes, unblocking pipes and any repairs up to £1000.

This is a pretty standard sort of cover, and many other providers will offer the same service, just with the costs and the terms and conditions varying slightly. This is why it’s very important to shop around and make sure you have the best kind of cover because if you’re putting all three on the same plan it would be catastrophic if something went wrong with it and you discovered you weren’t properly covered at all.

You also don’t have to take the insurance from the company you get your water, gas or electric from and can choose any company you like if the one that provides your gas, water and electric doesn’t offer a deal you like. All companies, however, do have some form of restrictions on what times they will come out between, though most aim to have it done within a few days and if you’re classed as a vulnerable customer (Over 70 or with children under 3 years old) you could be eligible to have help the same or next day, depending on what time you call. Every company is different, though every company wants to help you and keep you as a customer, so you’ll be surprised at the deals you can find if you go to the right place.

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