When people think of home insurance, they think contents insurance, which protects the contents of their home, and buildings insurance, which protects the structure of their home. Both vital elements of insurance for homeowners, and those renting their homes, and both things you should never go without. There are many other elements you can add to your home insurance though that people are not always aware of, and some of them could be very handy.

Multiple Births Insurance

May sound like quite an odd thing to add to your home insurance policy but if you and thinking of having children any time soon it might be worth insuring against having twins or more. The cost of one child alone is often enough, but two lots of nappies, food, childcare and twice as many car seats, set’s of clothes and everything else you need for two children is usually enough to tip most people’s finances over the edge.

Fortunately multiple births insurance will pay out a lump sum payment to help with the extra costs if you do end up having twins.

Accidental Damage cover

A more common add on to home insurance, you can add accidental damage cover to your insurance, so if anything is accidentally broken in your home, it’s still insured by your home insurance.

Boiler Cover

One of the most expensive items to replace or repair in your home is your boiler. A vital part of living, it provides both your hot water and your heating and the bill to replace one will run into the thousands of pounds. With boiler cover you will never have to pay a repair or replacement bill again.

Appliances Warranties

With appliances warranties cover added to your home insurance, you can automatically assume all the appliances you have in your home are still under warranty, however old they are. If one breaks down, your insurance company will repair it as if it was under warranty still.

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