What is home insurance cheap?

Home insurance cheap provides customers with insurance for their homes, and the contents of their homes and is one of the most important, non legally essential forms of insurance sold in the UK.

Home insurance cheap is made up of two main different forms of insurance. Contents insurance looks after the contents of a customer’s home, while buildings insurance looks after the structure of a customer’s home.

There are many things that can go wrong that can cause damage to your home and its contents, and home insurance cheap provides insurance against theft, fire, flood damage, water damage, storm damage and vandalism.

Types of home insurance cheap – contents cover

The most common part of a home insurance cheap policy is the contents cover, and this looks after the contents of the home. Anyone who is renting their home will just need this part of the cover, as their landlord will be responsible for the structure of the home and will take out buildings cover separately.

Contents cover insures a customer’s furniture, curtains, carpets, electrical items, fridge and freezer, the contents of the fridge and freezer and pretty much everything else in the house, garage and shed that is not built in.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when taking out contents cover is underestimating the value of everything in their home. Customers are advised to go through their home and estimate the value of each room one at a time, remembering to work out the cost of everything if bought new today.

Types of home insurance cheap – buildings cover

The most expensive part of a home insurance cheap policy is also the most important, if you are responsible for the structure of the home. Nearly everyone who owns their own home should take out buildings insurance, and only those who own flats, but not the freehold may not need buildings cover for their home.

Buildings cover insures a customer’s home, and protects the walls, roof, floors, doors as well as any external buildings like the garage and shed. Buildings cover will also insure any external walls, gates and fences from damage.

When you take out a buildings cover insurance policy, you are also insuring any structures within your home that are built in. These include built in wardrobes, the kitchen units and worktops and any bathroom suites you have in your home.

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