What is home insurance cover?

Home insurance cover provides insurance for customers for their homes and the contents of their home. Home insurance cover is usually made up of two different parts. One that looks after the actual structure of your home, and another that covers the contents. Some people only need one part of home insurance cover because they are not responsible for the structure of the home.

Buildings home insurance

The buildings life insurance cover is not relevant to all homeowners, and those renting a home, or living in a leasehold home may not be responsible for the structure of the building itself. They may just need contents home insurance cover.

Buildings home insurance cover covers the structure of the home, as well as any doors, windows, fences, gates and outbuildings, including the shed and garage. It also includes any fixed structures inside the home including the kitchen units, bathroom suite and any built in wardrobes.

Contents home insurance

Contents home insurance cover is the most common form of home insurance cover, and looks after the contents of a customer’s home. This includes the carpets and anything that is not a fixed part of the home.

Contents home insurance cover is one of the most difficult parts of home insurance to estimate, as the contents of a home tend to grow over time. Should your home be burnt down by a fire, and everything be lost, it’s important not to have underestimated the level of your cover.

One of the biggest areas of underestimation is the wardrobe, with many families of four having over £10,000 worth of clothes and shoes between them without realising it. Carpets can cost substantial sums, especially in the hall and stairway areas, and by the time you have added the cost of furniture, mattresses, new towels, bed sheets, duvets, pillows and the many hundreds of other contents in your home you will often find you have tens of thousands of pounds worth of possessions without even realising it.

Student’s home insurance

Student’s home insurance works in a different way, and is included in certain hoe insurance packages. A student home has different risks to a permanent home, including the chances of theft, and of accidental damage as a result of drunken tomfoolery.

Do not assume that students insurance automatically comes under your home insurance cover policy, and if it does be sure to read the fine print carefully.

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