A new Facebook app has been launched by comparison website confused.com as part of their latest campaign to raise the awareness of customers to the needs of home insurance for every house in the UK.

The app is part of their new social media campaign and is very cleverly programmed to use information posted on a Facebook users profile page to them highlight the risks to that persons home. The app creates a video to show the user based on their profile, and is very effective at getting the point across about home insurance.

The app was designed to make sure that customers know exactly how important home insurance is, and despite critics calling it a scare tactic, in truth that’s the only way some people will realise exactly the risk they are taking if they cancel their home insurance policy, or simply don’t have on in the first place.

It’s amazing how much you stand to lose if your home is flooded, broken into or suffers from fire damage, and the app has been created to try to drum that home. Over the 12 months up to September 2011 new crime figures have revealed that burglary rates increased by 5%, as the economy left more and more people turning to crime to survive.

Experts are warning homeowners, and those renting that whilst they may stand to save a little in the short term, if they are victims of a burglary, fire, flooding, storm or water damage or vandalism they’ll end up paying an awful lot more to get their things back, and will end up worse off.

The video sets up a scenario for someone who breaks into your home, using the information it captures from your profile, and you’ll be shocked at how much information can be taken from your online presence. Information about going on holiday and new purchases could just be a huge invitation to thieves, making home insurance all the more important.

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