When buying a home, you want all the protection you can get to ensure that your house is sold safely and that at the same time you’re guaranteed to get the house you’ve paid for and can move in as planned and not end up homeless.

Home buyers insurance protects you against all the typical issues that can making moving house all the more stressful by covering you for badly done valuations, builders who won’t do the contracted job, bad removal firms and any breakages or mishaps that might occur during this and utility companies if they don’t get everything connected up on or before moving day. This gives you peace of mind when moving as you know that, in some way or another, everything is covered and insured.

You can now even get protection against being ‘gazumped’ when buying a house. For those not in the know, gazumping is when you make an offer on a house that is accepted, but the owner than accepts a higher offer from someone else- thus, making your offer void. Even after the vendor was accepted your offer on the house it isn’t legally binding, so you have no guarantee that a ‘yes’ to a sale will stay that way for long. This means not only have you lost the home you want, but you’ll have probably lost a lot of money in surveyor’s costs and solicitor’s fees. This cover also protects you against anything that can go wrong in the initial purchasing of the house such as the seller backing out of the sale, the property not legally being allowed to be sold, the property being damaged before the sale is complete and many others which you can confirm with your insurer.

However, due to the newness of this policy, there are only a few that offer it. Tesco and OneMove offer cover for home buyers, as do Gresham Insurance- although, to contact these you need to go through a broker and can’t buy direct.

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