What is landlord home insurance?

Landlord home insurance is home insurance which is specifically designed for landlords, as their level of responsibility in a home is slightly different to those taking out home insurance for a home they own or rent.

Standard home insurance policies protect your home financially should your home be damaged by fire, floods, water damage, storm damage, vandalism or theft. Landlord home insurance works in the exact same way, but also covers a landlords home from damage caused by bad DIY from tenants.

What does landlord home insurance cover?

Landlord home insurance is tailored to each individual landlord’s situation, but will always look after the actual structure of the home, normally covered by building insurance in a normal home insurance quote.

The buildings insurance aspect of a landlord home insurance quote looks after the building, and any built in elements within the home. This includes any built in wardrobes, bathroom suites and the kitchen units and worktops.

The buildings cover element of a landlord home insurance quote will also look after any external buildings, like a garage or shed, as well as any fences, walls, gates and doors around the property.

Standard home insurance cover will also have a contents insurance element, although not all landlords require the same level of cover for the contents of their homes. Some landlords will rent their homes out furnished, and will therefore require contents insurance as part of their landlord home insurance to look after the furniture, appliances and carpets within their home.

Those landlords who rent out their homes on an unfurnished basis will still need contents insurance, but on a much smaller scale, as they will need to cover their carpets and flooring, white goods and any other fixings like lampshades etc that they have left in the home.

Does landlord home insurance cover any damage or boiler breakdown?

Landlord home insurance can also include tenant damage insurance, which will pay for repairs of any damage caused by tenants not covered by their deposits, and landlord home insurance can also include boiler cover, and appliances warranties cover, which will extend the warranties of all white goods in the home, so they can be replaced if broken, and will pay for any repairs or replacement of the boiler and heating system.

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