As we move into 2012 people all over the country will be making, and breaking New Year resolutions and despite the best intentions, many people fail. Here at we want to help you make keeping your New Year’s Resolution as easy as possible, and we have made buying the right level of home insurance as easy as possible, so you can go into the New Year with the best level of cover possible for you.

Over the past couple of years the recession has really started to affect how much disposable income many families have, and more and more families have been either abandoning home insurance altogether, or have taken out a lower level of cover than they need to save money. Those who have had a problem have found to their cost that not having home insurance is extremely expensive, and certainly not the right way to go.

We understand that you want to pay less for everything you buy, which is why we allow you to compare home insurance policies from all of the biggest home insurance providers, and will help you find the best policy for you, at the cheapest possible price.

How can I save money on my home insurance?

There are several different ways of saving money on your home insurance, and the simplest way is to simply shop around. Whilst the act of comparing car insurance online has really taken off, many people still buy their home insurance from the same provider year after year, costing themselves extra money as many people will find cheaper quotes online by looking around.

You will also notice that different providers charge different amounts for different levels of cover. One provider may offer up to £25,000 or up to £50,000 for their contents insurance cover, but if you have around £30,000 worth of belongings, you will need to take the more expensive option, despite being just over their cheaper limit. By looking around you may find a company that offers cover up to £30,000, at a cheaper price, saving you money in the process.

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