If you’re concerned about the extra cost of having a baby, it can be a major problem if you end up discovering you’re having twins, or even triplets. Sometimes a budget can be stretched as it is with just one new arrival, but if it happens that you end up with more mouths to feed a bit of extra help can go a long way.

This is where multiple birth insurance comes into your life. If, for whatever reason, you’re concerned about costs if you have more than one baby, multiple birth insurance helps you with this. You can use the money to buy items for your babies, or even invest it somewhere to save for their futures- the only catch is, you need to apply before you actually know how many babies you’ll be having. Sort of, taking it out as a safety measure rather than something some people might use to exploit once they know twins are on the way.

Because of this, you need to apply very early in your pregnancy, and if your family doesn’t have a history of twins, your premium will be much lower. However, if there is a history of twins, triplets, or more on the mother’s side of the family you will be paying a little extra- but this means there’s a stronger chance you’ll actually need to take advantage of it in the long run! Plus, if you do end up with more than two babies, many companies- such as twinsinsurance.net- will double your sum without increasing your premium. You can end up with a payment of up to £5000 after the births, which will go a long way either being saved as a college fund or spent on clothes and extra prams and equipment.

However, if you’ve undergone fertility treatment such as IVF within the last 2 years (or more, or less, depending on the company) you will not be able to have multiple birth insurance.

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