What is an online home contents cover policy?

An online home contents cover policy provides customers with insurance for the contents of their home, and often forms part of a larger home insurance policy. A home insurance policy will be made up of many different parts, with the main two being buildings cover, and contents cover. The buildings cover element of a policy covers the structure of the home, and protects it against fire, theft, water damage, flooding, storm damage and vandalism. It also protects any external buildings, life a shed or garage, and any fences, gates, walls and doors you have around your property. Inside the home your buildings cover only covers fixed down items, like a built in wardrobe, kitchen units and worktops or the bathroom suites.

Your home insurance policy can also have added boiler cover, which pays for repairs or replacement of the boiler if needed, and appliances warranties, which extends the warranty of your appliances, like your washing machine, dishwasher, oven etc, for the duration of the policy.

The biggest part of home insurance is your online home contents cover policy, which looks after the contents of the home, and the online home contents cover policy is the most underestimated insurance policy in the UK.

This is because many customers do not realise the value of their own belongings, and fail to add them up. Your online home contents cover policy includes all your carpets, furniture, any electrical items, appliances, fridge, freezer, contents of your fridge and freezer, clothes, shoes and anything else you have in your home.

Customers fail to add things like curtains and lampshades, bed covers and sheets and towels. We advise customers to go around every room when working out their cover limit for their online home contents cover policy, and to add things up a room at a time.

The wardrobes and shoe cupboards are among the worst estimated, as are kitchen cupboards where saucepans, frying pans, plates, knives, forks etc can really add up. Depending on the level of your cover, you will also need to work out the price to replace everything new, as if you were going to the shops to buy it all today.

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