When you buy home insurance you’ll look at the different ways your home insurance can offer you protection. Your contents insurance will provide insurance for the contents of your home, whilst your buildings insurance will provide insurance for the structure of both your home and any other buildings connected to it, like your shed or garage.

You may be wondering how your boiler fits into all this, and what exactly it’s covered for under your home insurance policy. Your boiler can be part of the contents or buildings insurance cover, depending on whether it’s stolen, or damaged by fire, storm, water damage, flooding or vandalism.

What if it breaks down on its own?

You can also add a number of different add-ons to your home insurance policy, and one of them is boiler cover. Your boiler cover add-on will then protect your boiler if it breaks down, stops working for any reason or simply conks out because it is too old.

Boiler cover will pay for any repair or replacement charges you may face, and with the average boiler installation costing several thousands of pounds, and a typical boiler repair costing hundreds of pounds it’s always important to make sure you are covered.

What else can I add to my home insurance?

You can also take advantage of several other add-ons to your home insurance, some of which you’d never imagine existed. One way in which you can make sure you won’t be left out of pocket if appliances in your home break down is to take out appliances warranty cover. It will automatically extend the warranty of all your appliances, like the cooker, washing machine, fridge, dishwasher and tumble dryer for the duration of the policy, and you’ll get everything fixed under the warranty provided.

You can also add multiple births cover. If you think you may have twins running in the family, or are thinking of trying for a family but are worried about the cost of having twins or more, then multiple births insurance will provide you with a payout of tens of thousands of pounds to cope with the extra cost if you do end up with more than one baby in a pregnancy.

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