The hosepipe bans are out in full force, despite the washout that was Easter Monday, and the driest winter for some time looks set to leave us unable to water our gardens or to wash our cars for the entire summer. The recent drought has left many homeowners lulled into a false sense of security, but one heavy day of rain could lead to total devastation again.

So often a drought is followed by a massive downpour, and in the last few years we have seen tens of flash floods on the news, all over the country, with photos of people’s homes being engulfed in water which has fallen in the space of a few hours. With many drains not prepared for the downpour and clogged with leaves a dust the water doesn’t run away as it might had it been raining for weeks before, and suddenly streets are left underwater.

Home owners considering their next move with their life insurance should take into account the devastation a flood can bring, and the cost of re housing, as well as cleaning up and replacing everything that has been lost if your home does fall victim to a flood.

Whilst some people are considering dropping their home insurance altogether, we urge them to remember the headlines of the last few years, and to consider the cost to them if their home was to flood.

Where would they live whilst their home was been repaired? How would the afford to replace all the furniture, carpets and everything they had on the ground floor that would be totally damaged by the floods? Not to mention the mould and the damage to everything upstairs as a result of the smell and damage to the structure of the home.

Home insurance has been designed to make sure you are protected against the unexpected, and a flash flood is very much the unexpected. It just hits without a moment’s notice, and if you are a victim, then your home insurance policy will make a huge difference financially once the clean up operation begins.

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