According to a recent survey from a leading internet search engine, the average British adult spends 15 hours a week online, through various devices. Those of you who are avid internet fans will question if that figures is high enough, and so much of what we do is online these days. Not having the internet can leave us highly frustrated, as we can’t do our online banking, check where places are on a simple online map, send and receive messages and emails or watch TV online on the various catch up TV services.

One of the biggest advantages of having the internet is the ability to do our shopping online, and it’s the growth of online shopping that has seen the biggest difference in how we buy insurance in the last thirty years.

In the past, before people used the internet to shop we would buy insurance policies from one provider, and then usually just renew the same policy automatically every year, just accepting the price they offered as changing policy was often too much hassle.

Things have changes, and changing insurance policies has got a whole lot easier. Home insurance policies for instance are usually geared towards offering discounts for new customers to get their business, which often leaves us far better off if we switch provider every year.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use websites like this one,, where you can simply type your details in once, and let our search engine search the leading home insurance providers for the best quotes for you.

If you can save £50 on your contents insurance, or £100 on your buildings insurance every year, just by spending five minutes online doing a quick search you will, and with so little effort involved it’s no surprise that more and more people every single year are turning to the internet to save money on their contents insurance, buildings insurance or combined home insurance policies.

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