If you’re building a new home, you have many things to consider: the materials you need, the cost, the workmen you need to hire, the specifications of the building and risk assessing the area. This means that there are lots of things that can go wrong, and self-build insurance can be a great help for this. As with other kinds of insurance that are very needs specific, it’s better to go to a company that specifies in this kind of insurance such as DMS or Self Build Zone who have fully trained insurance advisors who can tell you all you need to know and ensure that you get the best possible cover for your works. After all, every builder is different, and every job has different requirements, so one blanket policy won’t work.

Self build insurance can insure you against lots of things, including public liability insurance to cover against any damage (whether accidental or vandalism) made to the property by members of the public and also insures you against claims made against the building of your property by the public. You can then insure the building work and materials, including ones that you’ve ordered that haven’t arrived yet. This links in to cover against disputes with the contractors, suppliers or hired workers. If you have a dispute over below standard work or materials then this cover will help speed up the dispute and cover the legal expenses that you may need.

Injury is also a big factor to take into consideration on a building site and you can never be too careful when it comes to insuring against injury to you, your workers or volunteers, your family or members of the public. This cover protects you against any legal claims made against you in the case of an accident and helps pay for any treatment that is needed.

It’s not only yourself the cover can protect, either. Tools and possessions owned by the workers can be covered and if any have to stay onsite in trailers or caravans, their contents are insured and they are covered against any injury onsite out of working hours if this is the case. Self build insurance doesn’t have to mean you’re building a new house from scratch as it can also refer to extensions being added on or any major reworking to the interior of the house that you’re undertaking yourself.

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