What is UK home buildings insurance?

UK home buildings insurance is one part of a standard home insurance policy, which will also include contents insurance, and may also cover appliances warranty and boiler cover included as standard, depending on the home insurance provider.

Home insurance provides a customer with financial insurance should anything happen to their home, be it from a fire, theft, storm, water damage, flood or vandalism. Many policies also include accidental damage insurance at a small added cost.

What does uk home buildings insurance cover?

The uk home buildings insurance cover part of a policy looks after the actual structure of your home. If your home was to be destroyed by fire, the buildings cover would provide you insurance money to rebuild your home, including walls, floors, roof, windows, doors, decorating, plumbing etc. It does not include your carpets as these are covered by your contents insurance.

UK home buildings insurance cover also looks after any built in structures within you home including any built in wardrobes or cupboards, kitchen units and worktops which are built in, and many cover bathroom suites as well.

Your uk home buildings insurance cover will also look after any fences, gates, walls and outbuildings you may have around your home. This includes the shed and or garage should you have either.

What does uk home buildings insurance not cover?

Your buildings insurance will not cover any of the contents of your home, including the carpets. This is covered by your contents insurance, which is a completely separate part of your home insurance cover.

Contents insurance looks after everything in your home which isn’t fixed down, and includes carpets, furniture, lamp shades, electrical equipment, contents of your wardrobe and shoe racks, contents of your fridge and freezer, your fridge and freezer, oven and dishwasher and anything else you have in your home.

Contents insurance is very difficult to estimate from a total value point of view, and many people underestimate because they don’t take the time to add everything up on a room to room basis. If you have 100 Blu-Rays at £15 each, and 50 Play station games at £20 each, that’s £2500 before you’ve even left the bookcase.

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