Which home insurance do I need?

Home insurance is a complicated topic, and there are many different names for the different parts of home insurance, leaving many customers asking which home insurance do I need?

Home insurance is generally offered in two different parts. Contents insurance which looks after the contents of your home, and buildings insurance, which looks after the structure of your home. Depending on your living situation, you may need one or both of these aspects of the cover for your home insurance.

Which home insurance – contents cover

The most common part of home insurance is contents cover, and it looks after all of the contents of your home. Did you know Contents cover insures anything that is not fixed down, and includes your carpet, furniture, electrical items, and your appliances, like the cooker, fridge and freezer, as well as the contents of your kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer.

Contents cover is one of the most underestimated forms of insurance offered on any policy anywhere in the world, with thousands of customers each year failing to realise the true value of their possessions.

Customers are advised to take the time to add up the value of everything in each room, one at a time, taking into account the cost to replace each item as new, and not forgetting the contents of the loft, garage and shed.

Which home insurance – buildings cover

Buildings cover provides customers with insurance for the structure of their home, and is the more expensive part of a home insurance policy, and financially one of the most important. Did you know Buildings cover insures your buildings walls, roof, floors and any built in structures within the home, including built in wardrobes, the kitchen worktops and units and a customer’s bathroom suites.

Your buildings cover will also insure any external buildings, like your shed and garage, as well as walls, fences and gates on the outside of the property.

Which home insurance do I need then?

Which home insurance you need will depend on your living circumstances. If you own your own home, then the chances are that you’ll be responsible for both the structure of the home, and the contents. You will need both parts of the insurance. If you rent your home out, you may just be responsible for the structure of the home, with the tenant responsible for the contents cover. If you are a tenant, then your landlord will be responsible for the buildings cover, and you will just need contents cover.

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