Our home is probably one of the most valuable things we own- it’s where we eat, sleep and live, and it’s where we raise our families and come to relax at the end of a hard day at work. As such, it’s really important to make sure your home is properly covered- it’s easy to think that the things we see on the news will never happen to us, but the truth is that 1 in 3 of us will be burgled in our lifetimes, and around 25% of households aren’t even insured.

Home insurance can cover against things such as theft and damage, but also protect you against things like storms, flood and fires by insuring both your house and the contents inside of it- many policies even offer to combine the two just to make it easier and cheaper for you.

When applying for home insurance, companies will want to know the construction date of the house and its current condition- and also what it’s made of, and what it’s made on. This is so they can assess the risk of flood and how much certain disasters would affect your house. For example, due to the increased risk of fire, a lot of companies will not insure thatched cottages. Others will not insure those who are in areas considered a high flood risk. This makes it all the more important to research thoroughly the type of cover you might need for your home. Because of the whole range of things that could go wrong and the value of what is inside you can’t afford to leave your house un-insured and hope for the best.

Sometimes this can prove expensive, but there are some clever ways to ensure that you cut the risk of the insurer having to pay out- this reduces your premium. Put in an alarm system to reduce the risk of theft, fit smoke alarms to reduce the risk of fire (this is a legal requirement, actually, and the fire service will fit your smoke alarm for free if you call your local department). Some companies even offer a no claims discount of up to 20%, so not claiming can work in your favour later on.

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